Recipe- Chicken Taco Soup

This healthy chicken taco soup recipe is made using an Instant Pot. Check below for alternative stove-top directions. Ha! It looks like this is two recipes in a row with a Mexican flare (see Enchilada Casserole from last week). I’m definitely craving these flavours lately and love the fact that both recipes are easy and […]

Recipe- Enchilada Casserole

This yummy Enchilada Casserole recipe is packed with fiber and is kind of like a lasagna..but not really. It takes slightly longer to make than I usually prefer (40mins so not terrible) but it’s definitely worth it. One critical thing to remember…and I’m saying this from experience… to make sure that your sweet potato is […]

Recipe – Easy Homemade Bread

The idea of making homemade bread was always a little intimidating to me..that is until I tried this recipe. It’s actually very easy! The best part is that it’s delicious, with no additives and you can play around with the types of flour you use. The recipe below uses a combination of all purpose flour […]