A yummy recipe to get you over the mid-week slump

Oven Baked Salmon Fillets

Ok, full disclosure, my kids hate fish.  I’m sure they are probably not alone, especially since we live in a land locked area far away from the source.  However, we have a deal that once a month I will force feed some variation of seafood on them because it’s good for them.  So even though this week’s recipe doesn’t exactly fit my rule of ‘the family loves it’ it does hit the other criteria of healthy, delicious (in my opinion) and quick.  Maybe your kids will love it 🙂

I use frozen wild salmon fish fillets because I find that lots of fresh fish around me isn’t exactly fresh and tastes kind of ‘fishy’ but also because it ups the convenience factor.  They can be stored in my freezer until I want to eat them and then they can be cooked from frozen so I don’t have to even plan this meal ahead of time if I don’t want to.  Also building on the top five list from yesterday, you’ll notice that two of the five ingredients are from my Top 5 Cleansing Foods…nice!!

frozen wild salmon     

This recipe takes 30 mins total, including prep.  I paired the salmon fillets with roasted brussel sprouts and baby potatoes  but you can use rice, quinoa or whatever you are in the mood for.  I popped it all in the oven together.  Super quick and super yummy.

baked salmon


Try it out and let me know what you think.

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