Social Media and Your Mindset

Studies show that a healthy body image actually encourages us to exercise and eat right.  People who are comfortable with their bodies emphasize it’s function over it’s appearance.  They focus on eating foods that make them feel good when they’re hungry.  On the flip side, people who diet because of body dissatisfaction are more likely to fail.

Enter Social Media.  We are bombarded daily with external messages, particularly in social media, that cause us to be unsatisfied with our bodies.  We become out of touch with our body’s cues and needs and don’t trust ourselves to eat healthy without restriction. These messages and subsequent feelings keep us stuck in the viscous cycle of inadequacy, restrictive eating, and ultimately frustration.

In the past I would find that every time I went on Facebook or Instagram I was bombarded with “Flat Belly Workout”, “5 Foods You Should Never Eat”, “How To Get Rid of Love Handles” and a barrage of before and after photos of people on a host of different diet plans. It kept me stuck in the mindset that my body was not right at its current size and shape and that I needed to find the next best diet or workout to change it.

It’s fine to have something about yourself that you want to improve, self improvement is an important part of growing as a human being.  However, lasting positive change will never come out of negativity or self loathing.  You have to love and accept where you are right now in order to take positive steps towards improvement.  In other words, love yourself even if you have things you want to change.

The Social Media Detox

In order to start to get into the right mindset for positive change, we need to eliminate the negative messages.  This is where the Social Media Detox comes in.  Go through your social media accounts and un-follow all of the media outlets, companies and celebrities that are sending you this negative message that you are not OK as you are. If you find that this is not enough, you may need to take a temporary break from social media altogether. You can also start following some body positive pages so that your news feed starts to be filled with good messages that inspire you and lift you up.

What have you noticed from your news feed critique?  Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

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