Positive Change from a Positive Mindset

Making a change in our diets can be overwhelming especially if we focus on restriction and removing ‘unhealthy’ foods.  When you make any food a villain, and vow to cut it out of your diet, you are putting yourself in a negative mindset right away.

Lasting positive change does not come from a negative mindset.  This is why I always suggest focusing on addition!  Adding more good things to our diets that our bodies thrive on.

I found the things that make the biggest impact on me are chugging a glass of water the minute I wake up and adding cinnamon to my breakfast oatmeal (cinnamon is known to stabilize blood sugar levels).  I also add lemon to my water and a soluble fiber to my coffee.  These small changes make a big impact on my day and take no effort.  Not only are they healthy additions, they are a signal to me that taking care of myself is a priority as I begin my day.  It gets me in the right mindset immediately and this momentum often carries me through the day.

Other suggestions could be:

  • adding one serving of vegetables to one meal each day
  • adding one cup of green tea per day (try drinking it at a time when you would normally crave a soda and you may find over time you don’t want the soda anymore)
  • add one serving of fruit to your breakfast
  • add 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado and maybe a handful of spinach to your smoothie

What can you focus on adding to your diet?  Don’t get too complicated with this, it should be a few simple things that you don’t have to think too much about or plan for.  Share your ideas here if you feel so inclined.

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