Welcome to Fired Up To Feel Good!

As a health coach, personal trainer and owner of Fired Up Fitness, I hope to provide you with real-life usable information to help you live your best life!

Here’s a little background on me to provide you a little perspective on where I am coming from.

I had been overweight for most of my life.  By the time I had my daughter in 2007, my weight had peaked at 235lbs.   I knew I needed to make a change because I was terrified of passing my struggle with weight down to her.  I desperately wanted her to love her body more than I loved mine.

I joined a weight loss program were I tracked everything that I put in my mouth. I was weighed and measured three times per week and over the course of a year I managed to lose 95lbs.  This is what I had always wanted.  To be thinner and to walk into a room and not feel like the heaviest one there.  I felt like I had finally solved the biggest problem in my life.  I quit my job as a Transit Planner and got certified as a Personal Trainer with the hope of helping others to reach their health and fitness goals.

I now found myself, happy with the number on the scale and doing a job that I loved.  I thought I had reached the end of my journey and I managed to maintain my weight loss for several years.  But that is not where my story ended. Life, as it does, handed me trials and stress over the next few years and I found myself emotionally eating.  Eating when I was stressed, when I was sad, when I felt guilty and when I was angry.  I was eating to deal with difficult emotions and difficult situations.  I began to ask myself, was my weight actually my biggest challenge or was it my relationship with food and with myself? Was I stuffing my fears inside with food? Am I using food to help me feel better?

What I have discovered over that last few years and with a lot of work on myself, is that the problem isn’t in the weight or clothing size.  The extra weight is only a symptom of a larger issue.  The weight is our body telling us that there is something we are not dealing with.  As with our health, managing the symptom does not cure the illness.  I believe this rings true for many of us.  We are out of touch with ourselves, and with our bodies and we are living our lives on autopilot.  It is my hope to provide you with real-life usable tips and information to help you get back in touch and to continuously strive to make each day even better than the last.