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The Willpower Not Required Podcast

Willpower not required health & wellness podcast

Start your day with real fitness and nutrition tips for real life.  No fads, no BS just easy tips you can use today to live your life to the fittest!

After years of starting over on Monday, Lauren Whitfield finally got tired of relying on dwindling reserves of willpower to workout, make healthy meals, eat less carbs, meditate, take care of a family, run a business etc etc.  She finally realized that there was a better way.  Willpower and white knuckling it though the day was not required to lose the weight and live a healthy and happy life.

If you are tired of losing and gaining the same 10+ pounds.  If you are frustrated and confused by all of the conflicting information, fads, trends and ‘BS’ in the media and on the internet - then you’ve found the right place.

Each bite sized episode of this podcast will provide you with a quick, effective and real life fitness, nutrition or wellness tip that you can incorporate into your busy day immediately.  Lauren uses her knowledge, experience and lessons she’s learned the hard way to help you make small but effective changes to your day that will help you reach your goals regardless of your current circumstances -willpower not required.


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Previous Episodes

Tip #10 -Train The Movement

Posted 10/7/2021

When you are setting aside valuable time in your day to workout and planning HOW you will workout, it’s also important to decide WHY you are working out. What is the purpose?

Today’s tip is to focus your workout around key MOVEMENT PATTERNS which means that you are working out in order to improve everyday activities.

Click on the link below for pictures and full descriptions of the exercises discussed in this episode

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Tip #9 - Don't Wait For Monday

Posted 10/7/2021

Long weekends, or often weekends in general can be a time when our healthy eating and fitness routine can get derailed.  You may feel like you are finally making some progress at establishing a fitness routine, eating healthy, losing some weight….then a bbq or a weekend away happens and it all breaks down or even snowballs and you are left telling yourself that you will start over again on Monday.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this long weekend or in the weekends to come that may help you to enjoy yourself while also maintaining your healthy lifestyle, willpower not required.

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Tip #8 - Wake Up Those Sleepy Glutes

Posted 10/7/2021

Nice buns aren’t just great for rap songs, they also serve a very important role in your body.  Learn about the glute muscles, why weak or 'sleepy' glutes can be a problem and how to 'wake them up' for a strong, pain free body.

Click here to access descriptions of the glute exercises described in today's episode.

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Tip #7 -Buy More Frozen Produce

Posted 10/7/2021

The produce drawer of the fridge - where good intentions go to die.

We know fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet but don't always get the suggested number of servings each day.  Today's tip is to make healthy eating more convenient by buying more frozen produce.

Head over to the blog for a quick (15 min!!) weeknight meal using frozen veggies -

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Tip #6 -Try Tabata

Posted 10/7/2021

When time is tight, focus on the quality & intensity of your workout over the quantity.  A workout doesn't have to be long to be effective.  Check out today's episode for a great workout idea that you can fit into your busy schedule, Willpower Not Required.

Find a sample workout on the blog at

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Tip #5 - Set Your Environment Up For Success

Posted 10/7/2021
Like it or not, we are a product of our environment. Reach your goals quicker and easier by making positive changes to the environment around you.
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Tip #4 - Make One Meal Carb Free

Posted 9/28/2021

Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet but sometimes they make up a bit too much of our diet. This tip focuses on reducing the total daily intake of carbs by changing one meal.

Head to the blog - - to get the recipe for the egg muffins mentioned in this episode.

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Tip #3 - Lead By Example

Posted 9/28/2021

If you are listening to this episode on the day it’s released, we are coming into the mother’s day weekend where I am.  Today’s tip feels pretty appropriate to this celebration in my opinion.

Whether you are a mom or not today’s tip will still apply so don't skip by!

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Tip #2 - Make A Grab-And-Go Snack List

Posted 9/28/2021

Plan for the times when you are most likely to veer away from healthy eating.

Find my grab-and-go snack list on my blog at

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Tip #1 - Don't Follow Every Tip

Posted 9/28/2021

At the risk of sounding like I’m telling you not to listen to my podcast, stick with me. This first episode contains a tip that will help you make the most of each episode of Willpower Not Required and can be used in many other areas of your life. 

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