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The Willpower Not Required Podcast

Willpower not required health & wellness podcast

Start your day with real fitness and nutrition tips for real life.  No fads, no BS just easy tips you can use today to live your life to the fittest!

After years of starting over on Monday, Lauren Whitfield finally got tired of relying on dwindling reserves of willpower to workout, make healthy meals, eat less carbs, meditate, take care of a family, run a business etc etc.  She finally realized that there was a better way.  Willpower and white knuckling it though the day was not required to lose the weight and live a healthy and happy life.

If you are tired of losing and gaining the same 10+ pounds.  If you are frustrated and confused by all of the conflicting information, fads, trends and ‘BS’ in the media and on the internet - then you’ve found the right place.

Each bite sized episode of this podcast will provide you with a quick, effective and real life fitness, nutrition or wellness tip that you can incorporate into your busy day immediately.  Lauren uses her knowledge, experience and lessons she’s learned the hard way to help you make small but effective changes to your day that will help you reach your goals regardless of your current circumstances -willpower not required.


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Previous Episodes

Tip #40 - Never Miss Twice

Posted 1/19/2022

Everyone, even the most successful people, slip up every now and then.  The key to continued success is to put it behind you and get right back on track as quickly as possible. One mistake is an outlier, but more than one becomes a pattern.

Today's tip is one that will help you build healthy habits - willpower not required

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 Book Atomic Habits by James Clear -

Tip #39 - Make A Pissed Off Playlist

Posted 1/19/2022

Nothing derails a healthy eating plan like strong emotions.  After a long stressful day we can find ourselves in front of the pantry searching for peace at the bottom of the potato chip bag.

In today’s episode I’ll be talking about a few ways to manage intense emotions without sabotaging your health. The techniques I will talk about can be powerful tools and strategies to help you cope with distressing thoughts & emotions in the moment. 

If you are finding it difficult to manage your mental or emotional health, it’s so important to seek help.  Follow the links below to access support.  You are never alone and even if it doesn’t feel like it right now….things will get better...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel when you keep moving forward.

Click here for services available in Canada

Click here for services available in USA

Click here for global supports

Tip #38 - Mix It Up

Posted 1/19/2022

As you know regular exercise is important to a long, healthy life but it is also essential to vary your routine and mix things up.

Today’s episode is all about the benefits of mixing up your workout routine (no matter what your fitness level is) and of course some easy tips on how to do it without overhauling your schedule.

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Tip #37 - Cut Calories By Adding Flavour

Posted 1/19/2022

Taste is important! We eat because food is delicious. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to equate delicious food with unhealthy food.

Does this sound familiar “This tastes so good, there is no way it’s healthy” or “This doesn’t taste great but it’s healthy so I’d better eat it”. It really feels that if food weren’t so appetizing, we wouldn’t eat so much of it....but that's not necessarily the case.  The quality of our food plays a role in how much we will consume, how long it will keep us full and the impact it will have on our cravings for other foods.  

Listen to today's episode and find out how to choose and prepare foods so they are satisfying and full of flavour and as a result you don’t need to eat as much.

Click here for my quick and delicious roast veggie recipe

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Tip #36 - Be A Quitter

Posted 1/4/2022

There are two very common reasons we avoid quitting something we’ve started even if it isn’t going well.

1.Quitting is often equated with giving up or being a failure and we don’t really want to be a failure

And 2. We fall into the “sunk costs” fallacy.  This is where we keep going because we’ve already invested a lot of time, effort or money and don’t want that to be a waste.

Well in today’s episode I will be encouraging you to be a quitter….a strategic quitter.

Let’s learn what to quit and when to quit.  Remove things in your life that aren’t serving you or stop doing things that started off great but didn’t really turn out that way.

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Tip #35 - Meal Plan Ahead

Posted 1/4/2022

Weekly meal planning may sound like a lot of work but it’s actually much easier and takes way less time than you think…... and there are so many reasons why you will want to start it this week.  Listen to today's podcast to find out more. 

Also click here for a handy quick reference list of some of the quick and healthy recipes I’ve tested out on my family then added to my blog. 

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Tip #34 - Sink Into Squats

Posted 1/4/2022

Squats, you know them but you may not love them….or maybe you think they don’t love you.

Squats are one of the most functional exercises there are so if you’re not doing them on a regular basis - let's fix that now.

And if squats are currently part of your fitness routine,  then you will also want to keep listening because you’ll get some great tips on form and ways to improve your squat so you get the full benefits every time.

Click here to check out my blog article for pictures and descriptions. 

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Tip #33 - Perfect Your Running Form

Posted 1/4/2022

Whether you are just starting out, have been running distance races for years or fall somewhere in between, it’s likely you’ve given more thought to your distance, time and location and not much thought to HOW to run - that is - your running form.

Listen to today's podcast for a few great cues to improve your running form and reduce your chance of injury.

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Tip #32 - Fill Up On Fiber

Posted 1/4/2022

Fiber is what’s left of a food after digestion and doesn’t provide energy in the form of calories.  Fiber benefits your health in so many ways!

The National Academy of Sciences recommends a total daily fiber intake of 25g for women and 38g for men between the ages of 18 and 59.

The avg American eats 10 – 15 g of fiber per day. So for many of us...we have a little work to do

So what are the benefits and how do we improve our daily fiber intake?  Listen to today's episode to find out

Click here for an easy and delicious high fiber recipe - Tex Mex Pasta Salad

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Tip #31 - Stop Being So Vague

Posted 1/4/2022

Goal setting to ensure success!

When you get clear on your goals, why you want to achieve them and the steps to take along the way, you can ensure your success Willpower Not Required

Click here to download a copy of my goals sheet questionnaire to help guide you through this process.

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